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Results: What change do you want to see through culture?

In February – March 2022 CVAN EM spoke with artists and arts workers from Ashfield, Bolsover, Boston, Chesterfield, East Lindsey, NE Derbyshire and Mansfield about strengthening cultural and creative opportunities in their localities. These areas have been identified by Arts Council England (ACE) in their Delivery Plan for 2021-24. A total of 54 Priority Places were identified, 7 are in the East Midlands.

Nottingham-based creative Will Harvey has designed a visual articulation of conversations in response to the question ‘What change do you want to see through culture?’. This graphic presents key findings and highlights connections made during this period of consultation. Click here to download a PDF version.

This research is the start of long-term work which will see CVAN EM support existing provision in Priority Places in the East Midlands, whilst developing new approaches. The outcomes of this work are at present unknown as CVAN EM will continue to work in collaboration with the experts, learning from ‘local’ arts workers, artists and organisations to understand how we can strengthen cultural and creative opportunities in these localities.

CVAN EM would like to thank everyone who has fed into this work, your support was invaluable. We are excited to see where this project takes us and hope to secure funding to develop this project with a ‘working group’, beginning later this year. The working group will comprise artists and arts workers living or professionally based in these localities.