Document: launch

Document is a project that seeks to tell the story of the artist, at this time, in this region, in their voice. We are working with a group of artists to capture and present their experiences of working professionally in the contemporary visual arts, to shine a light on their creative process and give an insight into how they pursue their practices, and their lives, during the course of the project.

Six artists will be selected through a process of open invitation and panel selection and, as a group, demonstrate diversity of practice, location, career-stage. Throughout the project each artist will spend time reflecting on their ‘journey’, a process which will be captured to create an overall narrative for the project for dissemination with the wider network and to a public audience. There will be opportunities for the artists to engage in continuous professional development, which will be extended to a wider community of practitioners, to talk about their work to a variety of audiences and to present their work in a variety of public platforms.

Document artists will commit to the project until August 2018 during which time they will:

  • reflect on and be involved in capturing their experiences
  • spend time with an arts professional
  • be part of a branded cohort of artists
  • participate in public presentation(s) of the project
  • receive a honorarium for participating in this project

Each of them will:

  • have graduated no less than three years ago from a BA, MA or PhD course
  • be based in, living and making work in the East Midlands
  • have a professional practice and be making quality new work
  • demonstrate a commitment to professional and creative development
  • be an advocate of the project, committed to practicing in the East Midlands and a champion of Visual Art made within the region

We’ll continue to bring you news of the project and the artists as it progresses.