Who, What & How

Who we are…

CVAN EM is the Contemporary Visual Arts Network for the East Midlands. The region encompasses Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland. Since 2008 CVAN EM has been part of the national Contemporary Visual Arts Network, first established to support Arts Council England’s 2006 visual arts strategy. We work alongside 8 other regional Contemporary Visual Arts Networks to amplify voices, debate, and democratic change across the sector. Our strength lies in our network.

CVAN EM’s Regional Director is supported by a growing Steering Group, made up of representatives from regional organisations and artists working across the East Midlands. Steering Group members act as advisors and advocates.

What we do…

We celebrate and support arts and culture in the region, working to champion artists and foster an inclusive long-term future for the sector. CVAN EM is a catalyst for conversation and collaborative action, emphasising equity and access for all arts workers.

CVAN EM nurtures regional and cross-regional connectivity and engagement through participation, working in partnership with organisations and creatives across the East Midlands to build sustainable infrastructures, present opportunities and deliver artist development activity.

Research into the East Midland’s arts ecology carried out by CVAN EM in conversation with the region’s cultural workforce has confirmed gaps and barriers that prevent artists – typically from under-represented backgrounds – from developing viable careers, whilst others are supported to succeed. In 2021/22 we will embark on work that develops and broadens the Network and ensures our processes and activities centre transparency, diversity, and representation.

How we do it…

CVAN EM is hosted by Leicester Print Workshop (LPW) and receives £20,000 per annum in its Arts Council England (ACE) National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) funding settlement, which is ring-fenced for CVAN EM. Additional activity is made possible via fundraising, partnership working and support from the national CVAN.