If you are interested in attending or have booked onto a CVAN EM event please contact us via in advance of the session to share any access needs.

We encourage artists with access documents or access riders to share these with CVAN EM so that we can best support your access needs. An access doc, or access ‘rider’ is a document that outlines your disability access needs. You might make one so that you can give it to galleries / institutions / organisations when you start working with them on a project, such as a gallery you’re doing a show at for example, to let them know what you need them to facilitate to make sure you have equal access to work. Access Docs for Artists is an incredible resource supporting artists to put together their own access documents, created by Leah Clements, Alice Hattrick and Lizzy Rose after a residency at Wysing Arts Centre in October 2018.

CVAN East Midlands strives to create a safe and secure online environment where staff, facilitators, participants, and audiences can work together confidently in mutual respect. CVAN EM has a Digital Code of Conduct, please read before participating in any public or closed group online activity.

In 2021 CVAN EM commissioned East Midlands-based creatives Benjamin Rostance and Jo Tolley to create and write A Brief Guide to Combining Accessibility with Creativity, an incredible resource aimed at providing action-based and meaningful recommendations that open dialogue between arts and culture organisations and the spaces they occupy within the communities that they serve. Click here to download a PDF version of the toolkit. An audio version of this document, read by Benjamin Rostance is available here on Soundcloud.

Delivered with Art Fund support.

If you would like to share feedback or request the toolkit in a different format, please contact CVAN EM at