From: 6th April 2017 12:00 pm

To: 29th April 2017 6:00 pm

Beacon Bureau

24 Manchester Street, London W1U 4DJ, United Kingdom







CONCRETE+CLAY is a curatorial collaboration between Roaming Room and Beacon Bureau. Their respective locations Roaming Room (urban) and Beacon Bureau (rural) find commonality in the fact that, as raw materials, CONCRETE+CLAY are both extracted from the ground upon which we walk, live and build. This affinity makes these two materials suitable but unlikely bedfellows. Their plasticity comes to mind; their stability reliant on fire and water; fire rendering clay into a more permanent state whilst water (the antidote to fire) binds together the constituents of concrete giving it its strength. CONCRETE+CLAY, extracted from the ground and destined to return if not now but some time in the indeterminable future. Waiting to be unearthed by archaeologists and geologists who will pass judgment on our current geological epoch, the Anthroposcene.

CONCRETE+CLAY is an exhibition of sculpture, installation, drawing and film creating tangential connections between concrete and clay, geography and archaeology, past and present, real and imagined. Taking you on a journey from extant WW2 pillboxes in rural locations through the experience of walking in the urban landscape to the demolition of high-rise tower blocks.

Exhibiting artists: Olivia Bax, Christie Brown, Robert Cervera, Dunhill and O’Brien, Inger Lisa Hansen, Charles Hewlings, John Plowman, Nicholas Pope, Jelana Tomasevic, Eli Zafran.

Private View Tuesday 4 April 6-8pm



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