‘Kena Hetuna, Open and Closed’ – Exhibition

From: 9th March 2019 11:00 am

To: 4th May 2019 5:00 pm

Modern Painters, New Decorators


'Kena Hentuna, Open and Closed' Exhibiton featuring work from Pamela Clarkson and Atta Kwami.




From Saturday 9th of March Modern Painters, New Decorators launches a new exhibition ‘Kena Hetuna, Open and Closed’ with new work from Pamela Clarkson and Atta Kwami.

Pamela Clarkson and Atta Kwami are painters and printmakers who spend their time between their homes and studios in Loughborough, UK and Kumasi, Ghana. ‘Kena Hetuna, Open and Closed’ refers to the rhythms of the marketplace, a social network made up of family businesses, bend down boutiques and makeshift stalls open to the elements. For Pamela and Atta the marketplace symbolises the international exchange and acceptance they have experienced when living between Loughborough and Kumasi.

Pamela and Atta will partner together for the exhibition, building a temporary kiosk structure in the gallery of Modern Painters, New Decorators and filling the space with paintings, prints and sculptures recently made in Ghana alongside previously unshown work.



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