Off the Wall: From the Inside Looking Out

From: 22nd February 2020 10:00 am

To: 29th March 2020 5:00 pm

Crop Up Gallery

Lakeside Arts, Nottingham, UK

Crop Up Gallery introduce their upcoming exhibition 'Off the Wall: From the Inside Looking Out' that employs multi-sensory, tactile and tangible works of art in order to break the status quo of art display and curatorial strategies.






‘Off the Wall’ aims to question age-old curatorial strategies and exhibition techniques. By providing a space in which audience members can interact with the artwork, instead of viewing from an implied distance, personal narratives of participation aim to be created. This exhibition aims to provoke us to consider why art that is typically hung on the gallery walls is the art that we come to see. This exhibition will force us to question the role of curation and ask us to consider the importance and power of exhibition design.

Feel free to interact with the artworks, however, please do so with care.

Crop Up Gallery are a student-led curatorial collective from the University of Nottingham. The have curated this exhibition to call us to probe curatorial techniques, and to provide a tactile, multi-sensory gallery space.



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