Artist Residency

A paid residency for five West Midlands based artists in any stage of their artistic development, to produce a solo show in response to community engagement and research of ‘Heterotopia’s’. Each successful proposal will be experienced as a one month residency per artist in our gallery and studio spaces, where the research will inform an artistic outcome in the form of a solo exhibition at the end of the month. The process, research and outcomes will be presented as an academic publication – in collaboration with a writer in residence – that encapsulates all five artist’s journey investigating the spaces and engaging in community discourse regarding the historical, cultural and political context of the spaces in the city.

A stipulation of the residency is that each artist must engage with a local space and its frequent inhabitants or lack thereof. These heterotopias or non-spaces will inform the research and the output of the final works. This can take shape in any form the artist wishes, through artistic interpretation in any medium, discussion groups, interviews, workshops or documentation etc. The artist may wish to involve local groups in the outcome.

This residency encourages artists who may not have been born in the area such as International students, asylum seekers, refugees or migrants and BAME communities, to engage in critical discussions about non spaces and transient spaces such as public space and how it is used or unused in the city of Wolverhampton.

The closing date of this open call is 01/11/2019

To apply please send a PDF to including;

  • A proposal detailing how you would respond to this research and how it is relevant to your current practise.
  • How you would develop your practise and produce an outcome for a solo show within the timeframe
  • Your artistic portfolio or links to a digital one such as a website
  • A relevant CV

The residency offers 32 paid hours over one month.

Opportunity Type


Contact Name

Hannah Taylor 

Contact Email


Start Date

5th October 2019

Closing Date

1st November 2019