Summer Lodge Residency

We are now accepting applications for individual artists to join the Summer Lodge, 2nd -13th July 2018. The Summer Lodge is an annual event where, for ten days each July, the Fine Art studios of Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are transformed and play host to a gathering of thirty diverse artists. It is intended as an opportunity to think through making by being able to work for a while without many of the usual constraints and distractions. It is a collective space in which to undertake experiments, pursue new ideas and allow unexpected leaps of imagination. Participants in the Summer Lodge will include current NTU staff, artists working nationally and internationally, and student studio assistants with the aim of initiating new dialogues and critical exchange through engaging together in a period of sustained studio practice. Documentation of previous Summer Lodges is available online at

During this time, you will have a studio space within the Fine Art studio space, request student studio assistants to work with you on the help/development of artwork, meet other artists and curators and join a half-day symposium. Participants are encouraged to work the full 10 days of The Summer Lodge but are required to participate for a minimum of 4 days each week – see schedule below. To cover the minimum of our costs, if selected there is a £50 contribution for the two-week event.

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Contact Name

Danica Maier

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Start Date

16th March 2018

Closing Date

22nd April 2018