Remote Roundup 14th – 20th December 2020

How To Work Collaboratively
WebinArt, 6pm, 15 Dec
The next live webinar for members and collaborators >> How to: Work Collaboratively; Building Relationships with Artists, Teams and Organisations.
With David John Scarborough, Team Leader of Modern Painters New Decorators.
When was the last time you collaborated, or were encouraged to collaborate? Collaboration is a key interpersonal skill that we each use, often on a daily basis. But how fruitful these relations are will often depend on how worthwhile we really see our relationships – and what motives are behind our creative partnerships.
In this webinar we will discuss and learn about:
– What collaboration is and its role and possibilities
– Key interpersonal and practical skills to help collaboration
– How to build relationships with artists, team and organisations

Chaos Magic online 15-24 December
Celebrating a contemporary pantheon of independent publishers and artists, featuring a selection of their recent books, zines, and printed media. Chaos Magic will be promoting selected publications across our website and online streams, to support artists, writers, and indie publishers over the festive period. Publishers: Avalonia, Black Letter Press, Born of Fire and The Void, Breakdown Press, Clay AD, Famicon, Ignota Books, Pilot Press, Scarlet Imprint, Thom Seddon, William Roberts.

Bummock: Tennyson Research Centre
The Collection Museum, 16 Jan 2020 – 28 February 2021
An exhibition of new work by Danica Maier, Andrew Bracey and Sarah Bennett, responding to items within the Tennyson Research Centre (TRC), Lincoln. Bummock: Tennyson Research Centre is the result of a long-term artistic investigation by artists Danica Maier, Andrew Bracey and Sarah Bennett, in the Tennyson Research Centre (TRC), Lincoln. This archive holds what is considered to be the most significant collection in the world relating to the Lincolnshire-born nineteenth century poet, Alfred Tennyson. Though the archive houses a wealth of objects and information on the poet himself, it is the lesser-known and intriguing content concerning his wider family and relationships that has been central to the creation of new work by all three artists.

O’Pierrot Online Screening
‘O’ Pierrot’ by Tanoa Sasraku as part of ‘Why I Brought You Here’, a series of moving image works from UK and international emerging artists. The work will be available to view on the Four/Four home page from 7pm on Monday 7th December, until the 21st: Employing the narrative of Pierrot the Clown and the aesthetic of Kenneth Anger’s pioneering avant-garde, queer film Rabbit’s Moon, O’ Pierrot explores the quest for British identity from a lesbian, mixed-race, British perspective. The life goal of Pierrot Mulatto (played by the artist) is to catch a giant sycamore seed that spins down every day from the arms of Harlequin Jack, a crazed black man in whiteface, driven mad by his own quest for British acceptance. Jack toys with Pierrot throughout the story, performing a satirical essence of white British sensibility whilst referencing early minstrel troupes’ caricatures of the post-slavery, black populace. Mixed-race Pierrot is encouraged to strive for her ‘white potential’ whilst battling rejection, rage, and the bending of time amidst the English countryside.

Art and Makers` Online Shopping
LCB Depot
Browse and buy handmade products from 40 of the East Midlands’s finest artists and designer-makers via this online curated showcase! With Christmas in mind the makers featured present a tempting array of jewellery, art, craft, ceramics, textiles, and fashion.

Breathing in Art
Breathing In Art is a new series by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art to support and promote mask wearing whilst celebrating and featuring selected artists. Whilst we’re amid a global pandemic and wearing masks to protect ourselves and others is part of everyday life, we’re inviting artists to design a range of masks that will be available to the public.