Remote Roundup 20th – 26th April 2020

Workshops and Creative Activities

Isolated Moments: Oscillating Inkblots
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Next in Fermynwoods’ Isolated Moments series, aiming to keep spirits buoyed and creativity alive during COVID-19 global social isolating and quarantining measures, comes from artist and Fermynwoods Education Coordinator, Stuart Moore. This is a kind of lo-fi way to have some high-tech fun and is inspired by James Steventon’s Adversarial Intelligence Isolated Moment – though where that uses cutting edge concepts, this has its roots in the early days of the Dr Who. You’ll need a computer and either a USB webcam or a smartphone to use as a webcam. If it’s a phone, you’ll need to grab and install an app that’ll allow it to work as a webcam….

Tutorial: Stop Motion Animation
QUAD Derby
Check out this easy how-to video on using the Stop Motion Studio App by Cateater to make simple colour animations and export as a .gif to share online.

Online Webinar
Create Leicester
In her talk Lex will discuss Imposter Syndrome and how she learned to fail correctly. We’ll discuss negative feedback and how to deal with it, toxic environments, burnout and ‘crunch’. Plus we’ll finally figure out that work/life balance thing once and for all.


Online Classes
Fuelled Dance Co.
Although necessary, it sucks to hear the lock down measures are extending for another 3 weeks. On the bright side we’ve just added a Contemporary Jazz to next weeks online classes.

Virtual Exhibs and Online Content

Constraint and Restraint VR Exhibition
National Justice Museum
Objects that symbolise restraint and constraint are the foundation of this thought-provoking, coproduced exhibition. You’ll see handcuffs, keys, locks and prison cell doors from the museum collection presented in multiples, alongside powerful anxiety drawings by international artist Liz Atkin and some surprising contemporary donations.

Creative Collective VR
The Usher Collection
The Creative Collective is a young people’s group passionate about art and culture, who meet weekly at The Collection and Usher Gallery. With the second term of the Creative Collective recently coming to an end, several members of the group have provided a reflective and insightful perspective on some workshops they participated in as part of the group. If you are interested in finding out more about the Creative Collective, visit our section on Getting Involved

In Isolation Together
Artcore UK
“An Introspective Into The Isolated Self” is just as it says. This exhibition explores how isolation has pushed us to re-evaluate our inner selves, our characters and the perception of who we are. Whilst being socially isolated can seem overwhelming it is in fact a time for reflection. Artists explore a journey from nostalgia to new pathways. As an individual, our relationship is not just limited to ourselves but to our past, our physical spheres of interaction, our community and the society we inhabit as a whole. It is on this unprecedented brink that they reflect and reconstruct this image of the self.

Two Queens Studio – Friendship And Interdependence
Radio programme produced for Art Licks Radio 2019, originally broadcast via The programme responds to the art licks weekend theme of ‘Interdependence’ by interviewing our studio holders and associate members about the role that the building Two Queens plays in facilitating a community.


Family & Community Group – Make a comfort box
National Centre for Craft & Design
A Comfort Box is a container where you keep a collection of items that will help you deal with stress and difficult emotions. The items can link to things that bring you comfort. Join NCCD Family & Community group on Facebook for the how-to instructions

Artist Advice and Feedback
NN Contemporary
NN Contemporary can offer advice and feedback to UK based artists writing funding applications to COVID-19 support packages. If you would like to book an online meeting please email

Online Reading Group
Chaos Magic
Learn about the origins of ‘Chaos Magic’ by joining online reading group, every Tuesday 5pm


Meet the studio holders: Heather Duncan
Haarlem Artspace
Heather’s view of landscape is one of human experience: the impressions upon its surface mapping the interventions, modifications, and, in some cases, the mutual benefits that arise from our connection with the land.

Exhibition Explorations: Hetan Patel
For this week’s exhibition explorations, we’re heading back to 2017 to revisit artist Hetain Patel’s outstanding video works, Don’t Look At The Finger & The Jump.

MuseumMomentsofZen – Chiara Dellerba
Borrowing the title from writer Gary Younge’s book with the same name, this exhibition reflects on the way in which our identities can be defined by bureaucratic systems devoid of individual stories.
New Art Exchange–and-should/74

Spotlight Week 3  Beth Kettel
Beth Kettel will introduce each course of her Communal Lunch a short text inspired by the ingredients used. The ingredients will inform costume & food vessel interventions, setting the scene for each course. Through an experimental writing practice artist @bethkettel has recently been considering the interrelationships between species and environment, with explorations into nonverbal communication, consciousness and mental health of human, plants and animals.

General Practice
Just a few of many old school pictures from the Monks Gallery 2010
The Monks Gallery; a new interpretation of the phrase ‘artist-in-residence’- artists emerging and established, where asked to respond to the home/domestic setting, with new or existing work for a six month programme titled 6 Degrees.

Throwback Thursday: Making The Connection
Broadway Cinema
This Throwback Thursday, why not enjoy this highlights video from our Making the Connection event? Featuring international presenters and live performances, Making the Connection celebrated organisations committed to making music accessible.

Surface Archive: As If By Magic
Surface Gallery
‘As If By Magic’ was the title of the NTU Festival 2016. The show featured four back-to-back exhibitions, each by a different artistic partnership: ‘Wayfaring’ by Heather Hodkinson and Bella Milroy; ‘Surface Living’ by Molly Ashton and Theo Gilmour-Rees; ‘The World Reillustrated/Reconstructed’ by Samantha Jade Mallabone and Trixy Griffiths; and ‘Magick LTD’ by Reece Straw and Aaron Clixby.

Bonnington Gallery
Here’s a glimpse at one of our previous exhibitions, Mould Map 6 – Terraformers from 2016.
Terraformers brought together over 50 artists and designers whose work embraced the notion of creating one’s own world – both fictional and non-fictional. This exhibition investigated the visualisation of possible futures, and the roles they might play in shaping the present.
Exhibition curated by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler. Footage courtesy of Landfill Editions / Claire Davies.