Remote Roundup 20th – 26th July


C3: Creative Community Comeback Meet, from: 23rd July 2020 11:00am
An event identifying the implications of Covid-19 on the creative community in Derby, finding solutions and providing support. The global pandemic has had a huge impact on the creative community in Derby and Derbyshire, whether it be museums and galleries being forced to close, small businesses being unable to open or freelancers missing out on commissions as organisations scale back their programmes.

General Practice
Message General Practice to book a slot. DANCE FIRST THINK LATER is showcasing work by 45 contemporary artists made during 15 weeks of lockdown. We have been so heartened by the way artists have responded to this period, forever resourceful, developing new ways of working with limited means, adapting their practices and sharing their process of making and thinking.

We Are Creatives
Discover and celebrate the work of our graduating Art and Design students; disruptive change-makers who challenge the status quo. Explore this community of curious and critical minds – a new wave of radical artists designers, influencers and makers.


Haich Ber Na
YAC x Mansions of The Future
This conversation took place during the development stage of Haich Ber Na’s major film and music commission with Mansions of the Future (MotF) – an arts and cultural hub in Lincoln. Titled From Then ’til Now the ambitious and multifaceted commission will be released later this year and here Mansions of the Future’s Assistant Producer Bhav Bhella talks to the artist about his impetuses and visionary approach to making new work. Ber Na’s contribution to the MotF programme is a continuation from his 2019 release Everywhere’s Home; a musical and visual project which explored autobiographical notions of alienation and isolation.

Fermynwoods Podcast 3 – Leyla Pillai
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
Artist, writer and researcher Leyla Pillai takes us on a guided tour of a fictionalised truth in episode three of the Fermynwoods Podcast. Building on episode two‘s exploration of Pleasure Garden, this new audio work is rooted in the imagined space of Deene Park and begins a contemplation and lure into its external grounds. A stream of consciousness style of spoken word, considering the garden as an acoustic sound mirror.—leyla-pillai

Nottingham Arts Mela has been launched for the programme of Week 1 of their digital arts and culture festival, Nottingham Arts Mela in 2020, straddling four weeks from 27 July to 23rd August with its premise Climate, Changed. On the new website check out our week 1 programme and Film Call Out.

Workshops and Tutorials

Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature invites you to share your words of hope and be part of their exciting journey to showcase Nottingham’s young voices. Whether you tell us about your experience of lockdown, feelings attached to activism, the places of the city you miss the most, or just a message of love to your city, we want your letters of solidarity.

Don’t Worry Little Crab
Lakeside Arts x Little Angel
Explore the bottom of the sea as Very Big Crab and Little Crab go on a journey. Performance and acticity sheet.