The Start of Something proposal

The Start of Something proposal

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We are inviting ideas for our project The Start of Something, which uses conversation to bring people together to make things happen. The conversations are intended to promote cross fertilisation of ideas and collaborative working, share practice and increase connectivity within the sector, propose solutions to problems and pose new ways of working. They will capture and amplify the ‘voice of the visual arts’ in the region and create opportunities in the sector for people working in it and for audiences.

We're looking for ideas for conversations that will be useful and relevant to the sector – be they geographically specific, connected to arts practice or particular in some other way.

If you would like to :

  • brings together relevant parties with a common goal or interest
  • promotes and support collaborative working
  • encourages people to take action
  • collects and share learning with CVAN EM

Proposals are considered by a project team. Applicants will be notified of the decision no longer than once month after submission.

Selected conversations will receive a level of financial support as well as promotional support.

Successful applicants will need to tell what happened and what future action, if any, is needed. Conversations must be captured and documented. This could be through moving or still images, in written form including online or in another appropriate way.