Xylophobia: Online

From: 22nd April 2023 10:22 pm

To: 21st April 2024 12:00 am






Xylophobia: Online is a new international exhibition of digitally based work which takes its name from the fear of wooden objects, forests, or wooded areas.

Responding to the increased needs and fears of outdoor activities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the featured work presents explorative, experimental and conceptual spaces, whilst inquisitive and mindful of the environmental impact of creating and presenting artworks using digital technology.

Imagined and digitised forests, physical wooden objects and speculative graphics processing units, forest inspired audio mixes and digitally fermented film-based work. Visitors are invited to engage with the works and consider their own relationship with the environment, both physically and virtually.

All commissioned work by artists Ama Dogbe and David John Scarborough, Spencer Graham, Zhengyang and Zhengzhou Huang, Felix Loftus and Greg Orrom Swan used The Networked Condition carbon calculator tool to help plan, shape and evaluate the work, with the footprint of each published alongside the work.



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