Art Curating & Exhibition Management – FREE Taster Session

Join us for an introductory taster session of the Art Curation & Exhibition mamnagemnt Short Course, hosted by Karen Van Hoey Smith and the Visual Artists Association. This session is a sneak peek into the full program.

These four sessions will offer you a systematic approach to curation and exhibition management. Whether you are an artist looking to curate your own work, or an art professional looking to step into art exhibition management, the course offers step-by-step instructions to help you become consistent and increase your knowledge of taking ideas to reality.


Session 1: Introduction to Curation

– Understanding the role of a curator

– Exploring different curation styles

– Fundamentals of exhibition planning

Session 2: Curatorial Practices

– Curating for specific audiences

– Incorporating themes and narratives – from idea to reality

– Selecting and arranging artworks

Session 3: Exhibition Management

– Logistics of exhibition setup

– Marketing and promotion strategies

– Engaging visitors and managing feedback

Session 4: Putting Theory into Practice

– Budgets and fundraising

– Contracts, negotiations and obligations

– Designing your own exhibition concept and curated collection

– Feedback and guidance from experts


Karen van Hoey Smith

Karen is an Artist Director and Fine Art Auctioneer with a Degree in Fine Art Evaluation, previously working as gallerist for over 15 years. In addition to this was she was also a partner of a leading UK art publishing house. With a successful history in face-to-face selling working as an Art Broker, having sold pieces for the likes of Banksy, Karen found that she was representing and helping Artists on a regular basis achieve more sales and reaching

their goals. She is now the lead Artists Mentor at the VAA, leading professional development of artists.

Start Date

30th May 2024

Closing Date

30th May 2024