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Another World is Possible: the feedback

At our annual event Another World is Possible in April 2018 our small but very enthusiastic audience featuring artists, students and academics explored risk taking and possibilities; how to recognise when conditions are right to take risks and what risks are worth taking, what the future holds and what future art practice might look like.

91% of respondents to our event survey said that they found the event useful and, or inspiring, giving the opportunity to network, bring ideas forwards, meet other professionals/ artists, visit the town, see new artwork as the reasons for their responses. They added that it was useful to attend a CVAN EM event to find out what is happening in the Midlands, compare cities strategies, consider how the arts can bring about change, share experiences and see other artists work and studio spaces.

Delegates said that the most useful or inspiring aspects of the event were:

  • Meeting and spending time with other delegates, and;
  • Group discussion and collectively exploring ideas

They considered finding out about other delegates’ projects and practices was the second most useful or inspiring aspect followed by the guest presentation & case study given by Ryan Hughes.

All the delegates felt that we got the format of the event right, with an exhibition viewing, a networking walk & talk, a keynote presentation followed by group discussion. The majority felt that there was nothing we could have done to improve the event, with one respondent commenting that it might have been productive to have rotated around discussion leaders to have encouraged other conversations and presented other insights.

When asked what had emerged from the event that they thought could be taken forward – what other world might be possible – respondents commented:

  • Greater linking and communication within the art community of Northampton|shire
  • It was a great way for me to meet more creatives in the area and hopefully will lead to some future collaborations
  • Collaborations, second visit, bring a visible project to life, promote possibilities, measure progress, zine, membership
  • Northamptonshire forming it’s own annual / bi-annual contemporary art event

Other feedback received was:

  • It was great to meet enthusiastic inspiring and motivated people!
  • Thank you for a really inspiring and interesting day. It was great to discuss the potential of Northampton in the East Midlands arts scene, hopefully this will lead to more happening in the town and some collaborative practice which can be shared with the wider public.
  • I would love to attend another event to further my knowledge and explore possibilities. I had met great people, inspiring artist and art from editable art to a full landscape print. Meeting professionals too was helpful.
  • Look forward to the next one.