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In Another Place: overview

In Another Place will celebrate the wealth and breadth of the contemporary visual arts produced and presented by organisations in the East Midlands, with the aim of engaging and developing audiences across the region. Participating organisations will have the opportunity to select work by artists featuring in their programmes at the time of the project for presentation as billboard posters in a region-wide presentation between May and July 2018. These will be animated by a coordinated programme of audience engagement activity, as well as by printed and digital material, which will be produced to expand the reach and visibility of the project.

All billboards will be presented simultaneously in locations around the region other than where the participating organisations themselves are based, presenting a vibrant and accessible display, with which to engage passing viewers and entice them into their venues. In Another Place will be promoted through a joint public relations and communications campaign.

The project will provide opportunities for organisations to:

  • promote their activity,
  • present artwork on a large scale in new places,
  • present new artworks beyond their venues,
  • reach out to audiences, new and existing.

for artists to:

  • gain profile within a wide-ranging promotional initiative,
  • collaborate with organisations,
  • generate new audiences for their work.

for audiences to:

  • become more familiar with what the region can offer them,
  • experience art in new places, and importantly beyond the gallery,
  • have an easy entry point to participating organisations’ programmes.

The project will result in:

  • a coordinated public display of artwork,
  • a suite of printed and online products,
  • a set of data about regional audiences,
  • multiple engagement activities across the region.

In Another Place is a testbed for collaborative region-wide activity, a principle which if successful we will expand in future programmes.


Organisations will be selected through a process of open application and panel selection. The selection will be based on the quality of the organisation’s proposed activity, ability to engage audiences and commitment to participate in and advocate for the project overall.

Organisations selected to take part in In Another Place will:

  • engage in planning and promotional activity leading up to the project in 2018,
  • participate as a group to promote the brand and advocate for the project and it outputs,
  • select artwork suitable for reproduction on billboards, promotional literature and postcards,
  • contribute financially to the project (see ‘Finance’),
  • take part in the public display between May and July 2018,
  • participate in collaborative promotional activity including a regional project launch,
  • create opportunities to present to the public their activity as well as the wider project,
  • deliver project-specific audience engagement activity,
  • measure their audiences and their engagement at the start and end of the project,
  • share with CVAN EM their findings and audience data generated from the project,
  • document their part in the project.

The geography of this project will be determined by the organisations that are selected and we aim for it to present and represent the breadth of the region.

Organisations will be chosen in May 2017 by an independent selection panel comprising Barbara Matthews – Head of the College of Art, Architecture, Design and Humanities and Pro Vice Chancellor (Culture) at Nottingham Trent University – Craig Ashley – Curator, Producer and Director of New Art West Midlands – and Sarah Reed – Visual Arts Relationship Manager at Arts Council England.


Participating organisations are required to make a financial contribution of £900 to demonstrate their commitment to the project and to enable a deposit to be made on the billboards, ensuring that they are available during the period of the project. In return for their investment, we will offer them involvement in a £44k project comprising:

  • a six week public display,
  • coordinated engagement activity,
  • a public launch,
  • branding, communications & promotional material,
  • a public relations campaign,
  • coordinated project documentation.

They will also receive £1,000 – paid in instalments – as a contribution towards management of their part in the project, public engagement activity and the reproduction of an artwork. We are committed to fair rates of pay for artists and require that artists receive an appropriate fee for having their artwork reproduced. More details on what the project will deliver are outlined below in ‘Promotional Campaign’.


Applicants will demonstrate that they:

  • have aligned this project with their scheduled programme for May –July 2018,
  • programme activity in a recognised venue,
  • have a proven track record of engaging audiences and a plan to develop this engagement through this project,
  • understand the profile of their target audiences and can carry out audience benchmarking ,
  • are able to determine the best location for their billboard to appeal to their audiences*,
  • can make a financial contribution to the project.

*Billboard locations can be viewed on the Clear Channel website at: goo.gl/4Fx4Tt

Participating organisations will be allocated one billboard each.


Apply to take part in In Another Place.

If you would like more information on In Another Place, please contact Elizabeth Hawley, CVAN EM Coordinator at coordinator@cvaneastmidlands.co.uk


Promotional Campaign

A commissioning programme, marketing and publicity campaign and audience initiative, In Another Place will result in a coordinated public display of new artworks, a portfolio of new digital artworks, a suite of printed and online products, a set of data about regional audiences and multiple engagement activities across the region.

We will be working with Clear Channel – one of the UK’s leading Out of Home media owners – on this project using unmatched advertising tools to profile artwork and promote organisations.

We will create a recognisable brand, profile and associated narrative for the project. We aim to promote and publicise the project to our partners and stakeholders, through direct marketing, online channels – including our website, social media platforms and CVAN EM’s mailing list. Each project participant and our partners will also communicate it to their own audiences and communities of interest.

Alongside producing branding, providing project management, carrying out a public relations campaign and communication, promotion and publicity activity, we will produce associated products to cater for a variety of audiences. These will include an online interactive map and printed material such as a leaflet, a map and postcards.

In addition, we will make CVAN EM’s website central to the project and its promotion. In Another Place will have an ongoing profile in its various stages of development – communicating its purpose, narrative and progress and featuring the organisational profiles of its project partners and their specific part in it: their artist(s), their artwork, their audiences.

We will hold a regional launch for the project, which will be promoted using similar means to those described above.

As part of the national Contemporary Visual Arts Network, we have access to national channels for promotion and publicity and a direct link to audiences and organisations throughout England. We will draw on these to create a community of interest and a national profile for the project. We also have relationships with other key arts agencies through which we will promote and publicise this project and the organisations and artists who play a part in it.

We will aim to secure PR support for the project and to achieve media coverage. We intend to develop a project cohort comprising the project partners in order to maximise resources and capacity as well as to create a significant story for the media. We will work with our project partners’ marketing and communications staff, where they exist, and will aim to achieve a collective approach to promotion and publicity. We hope to secure a sponsor for the project, which will also bring with it publicity and potentially a new audience.