Art Sales Academy – Mastering Face to Face Art Sales

Are you an artist looking to elevate your understanding of face to face direct art sales at exhibitions? Join us for an immersive and practical short course designed to equip you with the essential skills and strategies for selling art effectively. The Visual Arts Association (VAA) proudly presents the Art Sales Academy, a four-week programme that will empower you with the knowledge and tactics used by leading galleries and experts in the art sales industry.

As an artist, understanding the art of selling without “selling” is crucial in today’s competitive art market. In this Art Sales Academy the VAA will share the entire selling process, from introductions, creating compelling dialogue, to closing a sale and beyond. In these four weekly sessions, commencing on 30th April at 13:00, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to enhance your sales proficiency and develop lasting relationships with collectors and buyers.


Session 1: The Foundation of Art Sales
– Understanding buyer behavior and motivations in the art market
– Crafting an effective and captivating elevator pitch
– Articulating your artistic vision and speaking confidently about your artwork
-How to make introductions and open conversations.

Session 2: Closing Sales Techniques and Pricing Your Artwork
– Mastering the art of negotiating and closing sales successfully
– Pricing strategies for artwork and communicating value to potential buyers
– Converting art inquiries into loyal clients and collectors

Session 3: Building Long Term Relationships
– Establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with potential buyers and patrons.
– Identifying prospective clients and nurturing client relationships
– Understanding the value of client retention and loyalty in the art market

Session 4: Art Sales Strategies and Beyond
– Unveiling powerful strategies for selling art with impact
– Exploring the transition from casual buyers to dedicated art collectors
– Gaining a greater understanding of the art market and how to navigate it successfully

Common Mistakes and Selling Authentically:
– Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls in the art sales process
– Embracing the art of selling without compromising authenticity
– Learning from the tactics used by leading galleries to enhance your selling approach

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Start Date

30th April 2024

Closing Date

21st May 2024
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