Remote Roundup 8th – 14th June 2020


Matthew Burrows Artist Support Pledge Seminar
Renowned artist Matthew Burrows talks about the #ArtistSupportPledge and its global impact. #ArtistSupportPledge is an amazing artist-led network that supports creative practitioners who have been struggling during Covid-19. The project, which Matthew Burrows launched on his Instagram page, “was really a response to the current situation, a creative solution to how I might help myself but also friends and colleagues through this period, by utilizing the generosity of the arts community—which is abundant,” Burrows tells Artnet News. Since its launch on March 26th, the campaign has seen an astonishing 200,000 artworks pledged, generating over £30m in sales across the globe. CVAN is thrilled to invite Matthew Burrows to lead this talk. We look forward to learning how independent artists and practitioners can lead the way in reshaping the Visual Arts Sector post COVID-19. This summer CVAN presents a series of talks and presentations in collaboration with the 9 Network Regions.

Family and Community Worskhops
This wax crayon and tissue paper activity has been shared by our Visitor Experience Assistant, Rachael, who had great fun with her twins in the sunshine!
For the full how-to, join our NCCD Family & Community group on Facebook!

Isolated Moments – Hardware Frottage
Fermynwoods Contemporary Art
We’re all having to spend a lot of time indoors with our laptops and other work machinery at the moment. When you can, take a minute to turn it all off and use this Isolated Moment to look closely at the surface qualities and physical dimensions of the physical hardware that connects us to the digital realm when we work and socialise in isolation.

Saturday Online Family Workshops – Things That Fly!
Leicester Gallery
Join Leicester Gallery every Saturday from your home for Free Family Workshop with Morgan and Tia. They have picked some of their favourite moments out of our wonderful family workshop photography archive and used these images as a starting point to create a series of activity sheets inspired by your creations and participation at our workshops.

Journey Around Your Room #4
Mansions Of The Future
Xavier de Maistre (1763-1852) wrote Voyage Autour de ma Chambre or Voyage Around My Room while under 42 days house arrest in 1790. He was a refugee of sorts, having fled to St Petersburg when the French occupied Saxony. His travelogue of the 42-day journey is precise, observant, often funny and occasionally sad. He starts with detail – his room ‘lies east and west, and […] forms a parallelogram of thirty six steps round’ and soon becomes more adventurous, … ‘I shall traverse my room up and down and across […] I shall even zig-zag about, following, if needs be, every possible geometrical line’. And so, off he goes, on his journey. His incarceration is not without its comforts. He has his dog, books and pictures, and he even a manservant who delivers his meals. He has a window and marvels at the light on his bed and the dancing patterns of the elm trees. Inspired by this account, Matt has developed this series of workshops each helping you to document the quirks and nuances of your own room and domestic surroundings.

Weekly Online Dance Classes- Yoga, Inversion Workshop, Ballet + Core, Jazz
Fuelled Dance Co.
The classes will run as usual, PLUS on some extra classes, workshops and creative discussions… all online!
Timetables may vary each week.
To book onto a class email

Adrian Riley Zine Workshop
Our Big Picture
Here’s Grimsby Top Town Market ‘Eavesdropper in Residence’, Adrian Riley, explaining the latest in a series of activity mini-zines. This time the theme is “Words That Look Like They Sound” and ties together ideas from the previous three activities. #GetCreativeAtHome
Download and print the zine from the comments. #artinthemarket


Isolation Art Mail
Isolation Art Mail is a community intervention in the shape of a collaborative chain letter / art trail. A unique way of combating the loneliness felt through self isolation during the Covid-19 crisis. A letter through the post, only it’s not a letter, it’s a piece of unfinished art that you are invited to contribute to. A way of connecting creatively, sharing experience and feeling like we are part of something, that we are not alone. The rules are simple; Sign up to receive your art mail, jump up and down 3x when you receive it in the post, add your magic, remember to document taking a clear photo in decent light, and send it on to the next artist to be chopped and changed, again and again and so on. Send photos to HQ to be uploaded online and celebrated by all (see gallery below). Eventually the completed art work will find its way back home for exhibition when we are once more allowed to meet and hug and chat. If you would like to be involved, click ‘send’ for more info.

Exhibitions and Online Content

No Jobs in The Arts Zine #3
‘No Jobs in the Arts’ is a publication and creative platform run by Charlie Collins and Ryan Boltbee. NJITA aims to shine a light on some of the amazing young and emerging artists working in the East Midlands today.

Aftermath 2020
Nottingham Contemporary
Aftermath 2020 explores the legacy of the Bauhaus through the practices of ten contemporary artists and ten new artworks. The project is an annual collaboration between Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Trent University Art and Design Masters students. This year the students responded to the gallery’s exhibition in 209, Still Undead: Popular Culture in Britain Beyond The Bauhaus.

A Common Craft Episode 3: Becoming
Bonnington Gallery
Witchcraft and the archetype of the Witch are explored through interviews, found sound, commissioned music and storytelling. This third episode of A Common Craft looks at presentations of witchcraft both public and personal. I talk to artist Leon Sadler, custodian of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic Simon Costin and Sabat magazine founder and Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Krohn.

Instagram Takeover Collectivism
Haarlem artspace
Last week Artist Hayleigh Longman took over Haarlem’s insta account. Hayleigh Longman shared one half of the week with artist Emma Reynard who did the other half, so they are doing the insta takeover that way too. It was a great way of being able to have both of them, and shared in the spirit of the residency perfectly.