The Start of Something: Analysis of Process

Analysis of Process was held on 13th January 2017 at The Collection and Usher Gallery in Lincoln. It was conceived by the Waddington Cultural Collective (WCC), which comprises seven artists* living in the same Lincolnshire village, working in different disciplines (theatre design, costume, writing, film, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, curation, and arts education). Underpinned by a social connection, the group wanted to explore collaboratively what they do, what they individually bring to the group and how they could create new work together. They also wanted to challenge a stereotype that ‘rural’ means sub-standard, pastoral, romantic, forlorn and irrelevant to the modern world while ‘urban’ suggests cutting edge, progress, relevance and validity.

Working in pairs for in-depth documented conversations, revealed surprising cross overs between disciplines, which were initially discussed at an evening of presentations to an invited audience of around 20 people. From this, a symposium developed. An audience of around 60 people heard presentations and participated in discussions about process within and across the creative disciplines, followed by an afternoon of in depth discussion led by an independent critical friend – academic Emma Cocker – to unpick and develop possible future project ideas. The group aimed to use the event as an opportunity to publicly explore cross-disciplinary collaboration and as a platform for a year long series of public events held in Waddington featuring open discussions or presentations for audience discussion. The group also launched a manifesto at that event.

The group continues to host and run events that focus on the interests of the members, for a cross – over audience such as film nights, and literary performances, held in different places in Waddington. The group members have continued to hold monthly meetings from which collaborative projects have emerged, including a music event led by Danica Maier in collaboration with music composer Dr. Martin Scheuregger; the Paper Airplane competition: held to replace the now lost Waddington Air Show; and Opera for all – an evening event with opera singers talking through and showing the audience various aspects and techniques used in opera singing.

In the longer-term, the group hopes to run a weekend long event held in and around the village of Waddington bringing theatre, performance, writing and fine art together, informed by research trips to other villages that have developed major art events as destinations (Wirksworth Art Festival, Whitstable Biennale, Folkestone Triennale, and others).

*Ashely Gallant, Andrew Bracey, Danica Maier, Gerard Williams, Phil Cosker, Emma and Giuseppe Belli

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Analysis of Process was proposed to CVAN EM’s The Start of Something project, which, through conversation, sought to bring people in the East Midlands together to explore a common goal, share experience and work collaboratively, ultimately to make things happen. CVAN EM supported proposals from groups based in the region, that it considered would benefit the widest community and make the greatest difference within the region.

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