The Start of Something: Film Free and Easy

About Film Free and Easy

Film Free and Easy is an event devised by a group of Nottingham-based artists to explore new ways of showing moving-image works. Within this one-night installation, different material contributed by an invited audience, is shown so as to respect its original media, whether projected or screened, using different devices and settings. The structure of the event is based on the audience bringing along the material that will be shown.

The artists behind FF&E are exploring non-hierachical collaboration and innovative platforms for moving image, film and projection, thus expanding their understanding of different approaches to presenting it, as well as how it might transfer to other spaces and develop a ‘community of interest’ within the region and beyond.

Following a number of initial events at Primary, its base in Nottingham, the group took Film Free and Easy out of that setting to expand the model and engage people elsewhere in the region.

In November 2016 FF&E took the form of Furthest From The Sea, the group’s first collaboration with another network, as part of UK Young Artists’ 2016 National Festival in Derby. In April 2017 FF&E‘s event Random Access was hosted by the Waddington Cultural Collective in Lincolnshire.

FF&E Random Access

FF&E Random Access

FF&E Random Access

FF&E Random Access

Other FF&E events featuring in Primary‘s public programme include The Ek-uh-nom-mix which formed part of The Commoners’ Fair in November 2016 and No Laughing Matter in May 2017, which featured Document artist Jessica Harby on the bill!.

Members of Film Free and Easy reflected on the development of the project at our open platform for The Start of Something at QUAD in Derby in April 2017.

Plays a Blinder was held in November 2017. Up In The Air will take place on 9th February 2018 at Primary in Nottingham.


Film Free and Easy was supported through CVAN EM’s project The Start of Something.

The Start of Something is a project which, through conversation, seeks to bring people in the East Midlands together to explore a common goal, share experience and work collaboratively, ultimately to make things happen. Proposals for new conversations are invited at any time and CVAN EM will consider how it might support a conversation to take place to benefit the widest community and make the greatest difference within the region. Let us know if you would like to propose a topic.

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