Online Professional Development Sessions for Art Technicians

CVAN EM has been awarded funding from Art Fund’s Reimagine programme to help deliver an Art Technician Training Programme for the East Midlands, in partnership with ArtTechSpace and supported by organisations across the region. These events are part of a series of online Professional Development Sessions.

Art Technician Professional Development: Unions & Insurance
Monday 10 July, 1-2PM
Online via Zoom, book here

Join us for an online session with representatives from the art technician union BECTU to discuss what being a member of a union can do for you, the support and benefits you receive, why joining a union is important to making our profession more professional and how we can help each other as union members. 

We will also discuss Personal Liability Insurance (PLI), why we need it as art technicians and how being a union member gives you access to the only PLI designed specifically for art technicians.



Art Technician Professional Development: CVs & Invoicing
Monday 10 July, 6-8PM
Online via Zoom, book here.

Being a professional art technician means you need to sell yourself with a good CV tailored to the work we do. In this session we will look at dos and don’ts for CVs, clever letters and applying for jobs, touching on how to find and keep freelance work. 

Putting your best foot forward also happens when you invoice for work at the end of a job. It’s important to get it right so you keep employers in your good books but also so you look professional and can manage your finances easier.



Art Technician Professional Development: RAMS & Method Statements
Tuesday 11 July, 6-8PM
Online via Zoom, book here

Risk assessments and method statements (sometimes called installation guides) are vital documentation to help us do our jobs safely and efficiently whilst upholding health & safety regulations. Larger institutions have this documentation but not all technicians know that it is a legal requirement to have them. 

Join us for a session to discuss what each is and how they can help you do your job better and safer! 

In this 2-hour session we will cover:

  • Risk assessments (RAMS): who should be completing them, what they should cover and who needs to see them.
  • Method statements & install guides: what they should cover for specific artworks or installations, how they help prepare for dealing with artworks with the right amount of time, people and resources such as tools and equipment to help you plan your work or the work of others.

Please bring along an example of an artwork you wish to complete RAMS and a method statement for – you should know as much information about that artwork as possible – dimensions, handling considerations, equipment needed, how long has it taken to install previously, etc. We won’t get to everyone’s during the session, but we can talk through a couple together to develop our understanding of using RAMS and method statements. 

About ArtTechSpace:

After many years as art technicians ourselves, full-time and freelancing, hiring and being hired, fabricating to installing, we realised that there had to be a better way to connect people that make art happen.

So we created it: ArtTechSpace, an online community of art technicians and their employers.

It started as a way to connect those looking for and those offering work, but since then it’s grown into a bigger resource: a place to find art technical information, products and services to help you and your career and business with training and events.

Above all, this site is a community so we welcome contributions, feedback and suggestions from everywhere and would love to hear from you.


All sessions will take place via Zoom. Closed captions will be available throughout. Sessions will be recorded. CVAN EM has a Digital Code of Conduct, please read before participating in any public or closed group online activity.

Please contact with any queries.

This training programme will be delivered with Art Fund support.