Results: Art Technician Training Survey

Thank you to everyone who shared and completed the ‘survey of need’ created by ArtTechSpace to ask technicians in the region to share their thoughts and establish where they felt skill gaps are and how this project might best benefit them. This research alongside findings from a recent survey of organisations located in the East Midlands and conversations with arts workers has been compiled and reviewed, with recommendations for devising an Art Technician training programme for the region.

We had responses in total from 12 organisations (read here) and 23 art technicians. A presentation created by ArtTechSpace containing an overview of key finds from both surveys alongside recommendations can be found here. Key recommendations from the survey of Art Technicians include: 

  1. Increase the number of skilled art technicians in the East Midlands by developing and delivering an East Midlands Art Technician training programme. This training should start with general art handling and AV / new media installation, and look to then extend to other areas.
  2. A focus should be on upskilling those already in the industry and then a discussion should be had with the institutions in the area as to what they think their requirements would be for new technicians.
  3. If this training was to be carried out those already working in the industry should be upskilled before creating new technicians through a basic training program as there is such limited support for on the job training of brand new technicians.
  4. An alternative to Unitemps for sourcing freelancers should be investigated.
  5. Investigate a solution to eliminate concurrent scheduling of institutions so as not to dramatically decrease the accessibility to freelance technicians.

This research is part of a long-term project CVAN EM is working with ArtTechSpace to survey the need for and develop a tailor made Art Technician training programme for early-career / aspiring and established technicians in the East Midlands to address the skills shortage in the wider area. Next steps will see us work together alongside organisations to establish what’s possible, with the view to launch an Art Technician training course in the region in Spring 2023.